Have you always had sparse, thin eyebrows you were unhappy with? Or maybe you went overzealous with the tweezers and they never grew back quite right? Wish they were just a little thicker or a little longer, or a little closer together? Do you find yourself constantly applying makeup and worrying whether it will transfer or rub off during the day? Eyebrow microblading is the perfect solution for you!

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent makeup application intended to correct and improve the shape of your brows. It’s known under a few different names, some of which eyebrow embroidery, feathering, feather strokes, hair-by-hair, micro pigmentation, 3D eyebrows and many more. This is a fairly new technique that rests on the foundation of classic semi-permanent makeup application and improves it greatly. The old way of doing semi-permanent makeup is by using a tattoo machine and filing in the whole brow area. While the machine penetrates deeper and into the derma skin layer, it also is much less precise and results in thicker, darker and more unnatural brows. This is where the microblade comes in – rather than a machine, a microblade is used to create a lot of individual strokes going  into just the epidermis for  a more controlled application, each carefully mimicking the way natural eyebrow hairs grow and look. This creates a full, natural looking brow with many individual hairs, rather than a thick, solid one-line brow. It also enables me to follow your natural eyebrow growth pattern for a fully tailored look. As I have a wide selection of different pigments and can further mix and match them to best fit your desired color, when we are done no one will be able to tell those are not your natural eyebrows.


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Questions and Answers

This depends mostly on your skin type and can vary greatly from one person to another. Generally though, they can last up to 2 years and oily skin tends to fade them faster. Most of my clients come back for a re-touch every 12 months.
Eyebrow microblading is ideal for people with naturally thin or sparse eyebrows as well as overplucked eyebrows, who’d like to improve their shape or thickness. The method is not recommended for people who have extremely oily skin, rosacea or dermatitis.
Please stop using aspirin, fish oil, excessive amounts of alcohol or topical Retinol at least a week before your appointment. These are known blood thinners and will increase the possibility of bleeding during your appointment.

If you are taking blood thinner medications as prescribed by your doctor, please consult with them prior to your appointment and contact me so we can make sure it’s not an issue.

Please refrain from cosmetic procedures that will agitate your skin like laser treatments, peels or certain deep cleansing facials, as well as excessive tanning that might cause a sun burn. If your skin is aggravated it will not be possible to go ahead with your treatment. Please note that some of these procedures take more than a week for the skin to heal sufficiently. If you’re not sure what would work, please contact me!

A topical numbing cream is applied to your skin and refreshed during the procedure but you will likely still feel some amount of pain and discomfort. Most clients describe it as light scratches. Everyone’s pain threshold is different but I have never had a client tap out because it was too painful.
You will not feel dizzy or sleepy after the appointment so you can certainly resume your day as usual, including driving. There will be minor redness and swelling around your eyebrows for a couple of hours after so scheduling towards the end of your day or when you know you won’t be in public for a while immediately after is probably best if you are concerned. The following day and for the next few days your eyebrows will look darker than usual and with a slight,  very subtle sheen from the ointment, but there will be no other obvious signs there was a procedure done. You can still wear your regular make up as long as you are careful not to apply any of it on or very close to the eyebrows and take extra caution when removing it. You will be completely healed 10 to 14 days after the procedure.




Powder brows  $490

Ombre brows $490

Combination brows

(combination of strokes and powder) $550

Microblading/ Feathering $490

Touch up/ Perfection session: $160

This session must be completed no later than 60 days after initial appointment, otherwise it will be charged as annual touchup

Annual color boost/ touch up (1-3 years) after first appointment $300


Eyeliner within the lashes: $ 350

Natural eyeliner : $420

Winged, thick eyeliner: $450

Touch up/ perfection session: $160

This session must be completed no later than 60 days after initial appointment, otherwise it will be charged as annual touch up

Annual color boost/ touchup (1-3 years) after first appointment $200 – 350

Permanent Lips

Lip liner: $420

Aquarelle lips/ liner and blend/ Ombre lips: $ 530

Full lip color: $530

Perfection session/ touch up: $180

This session must be completed no later than 60 days after initial appointment, otherwise it will be charged as annual touch up

Annual color boost/ touch up (1-3 years) after first appointment $300 – 400

Touch up prices price only applies to permanent makeup services completed by Katerina Katreva)


All appoitnments must be secured with $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit is transferable but non-refundable. Cancellation or re-schedule requests no later than 48 hours prior the appointment.



You will receive detailed aftercare instructions after your appointment and I am always available for follow up questions, it’s important for me to ensure your care doesn’t end the moment the procedure is done!

You will have to avoid getting your eyebrows wet for the first 24h after the procedure. This includes using pools, saunas or working out.

You will receive special antibiotic ointment after your appointment to apply regularly for the next 10 days. It will keep your eyebrows from infections or drying out. You should re-apply every 2-3h, the goal being to not let your eyebrows dry out as that will interfere with proper healing.

After the first 24h you can gently clean the eyebrows if you wish with clean water. Please do not use soap or face wash, or washcloths. Gently pat dry avoiding any rubbing whatsoever.

Please absolutely no tanning while your brows are healing!

Once your brows are healed we will schedule a follow up appointment for a touch up which is required for all clients. It’s normal to loose some of the pigment after your first appointment, as it’s always intended to be a lighter, cautious application to lay down the foundation and gauge how your skin will retain the pigment. During the touch up appointment I can see the healed brow and easily add more color or strokes with the baseline established. The touch up appointment will be scheduled about 30 days after the initial one.

“I was really really worried about how they’d come out, and I shouldn’t have. Katerina was amazing – she was so patient, she answered all my questions, and made sure I liked the shape before we started. And now I have my dream brows. Thank you, Katerina!”


“I don’t have to struggle to find the perfect matching eyebrow makeup color anymore, or worrying if my eyebrows will make it through the night. I can even go to the beach and look perfect!”